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Environmental policy

PRT is committed to leadership in the forest nursery industry, including excellence in environmental management. This commitment extends to all of PRT’s operations and the activities of its contractors while engaged in PRT business.

To maintain this commitment, PRT has adopted the environmental policy outlined below.

Environmental performance

PRT will establish goals and targets for environmental performance, and will implement measures to achieve these goals and targets.

PRT will periodically conduct a comprehensive assessment of the nature and scale of environmental concerns related to its business.

PRT believes that effective environmental management is closely linked with efficient business practices, and, accordingly, places a high priority on continuous improvement of its environmental management activities.

Regulatory compliance

PRT will make all efforts to be aware of, and to comply with, relevant environmental legislation.

Employee awareness

PRT will identify the knowledge and skills required of its employees under its environmental policy and will train and equip them to carry out their duties in a manner consistent with that policy.

Pollution prevention

PRT will develop and support pollution prevention programs to address issues related to water quality, waste management and other environmental impacts of its operations.

Communities and communication

PRT is committed to open communication with members of the communities in which it operates.