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PRT Campbell River

PRT Campbell River produces all commercial tree species planted in Canada and the western United States, including:

  • 1+0 and 2+0 containerized seedlings
  • Nutri-plug® seedlings (contains controlled-release fertilizer)

Specialty products

  • Large seedlings ideally suited to coastal sites with brush and animal problems. These seedlings are generally produced as 1+0 crops in large containers up to 1,000 ml (61 cu in).
  • Seedlings for summer and fall planting produced in custom-growing programs that provide well-conditioned crops.
  • True firs grown from seed upgrading and in specially developed programs.
  • 2+0 container seedlings grown in a maritime climate with minimal risk of root injury during the winter. These well-conditioned, robust and well-balanced plants provide excellent value. They are especially useful for sites that are subject to vegetative competition and/or snow press and where moisture is not limiting. The seedlings are typically used for summer and fall planting and for spring planting, if grown in large containers.

Woody biomass crops and crop cuttings, project management and advisory services for high-performance energy crops through our subsidiary, Bionera Resources.
Cranberry starter plants licensed from Rutgers University that grow faster and ripen earlier with better color.


Campbell River, BC


Coastal maritime zone, plant hardiness zone 8a


100 ha (250 acres)

Annual capacity

15 million container-grown seedlings

Directions and maps

PRT Campbell River is located 15 km northwest of Campbell River, BC, on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Off-island connections are by air via Vancouver, BC, or Seattle, WA, or by ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, which is 180 km (110 miles) south of Campbell River.


1) After the freeway ends and you come into town, continue straight on HWY 19, and proceed over the Campbell River.

2) Follow the North Island HWY (HWY 19) for 7.6 Km (approx 8 minutes)

3) Turn Left on Duncan Bay Road.

4) Proceed on Duncan Bay Road for 1.8 Km  (approx 4 minutes)

5) Duncan Bay Road turns into Gordon road. 

6) Continue on Gordon road for 2.4 Km (approx 5 minutes)

7) Proceed Straight through the first stop sign across the logging road

8) If you are coming to our Cold Storage facility, turn right at the second stop sign, and then immediately turn left through the gates.  Cold Storage is the large cement building on your right.  If you coming to the Greenhouse side turn left at the second stop sign and then left again at the main gain to the property.