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PRT Dryden

PRT Dryden grows all species planted in northwestern Ontario, neighboring provinces, the state of Minnesota and other northeastern border states. The nursery offers a full range of standard seedling products and related nursery services, including:

  • 1+0 and 2+0 container-grown seedlings
  • Nutri-plug® seedlings (contains controlled-release fertilizer)
  • Christmas tree liners

Specialty products

The nursery specializes in two types of container-grown seedlings:

  • Seedlings for summer planting. Grown in custom programs that provide well-conditioned seedlings, these plants are ideal for summer and fall planting as either 1+0 or 2+0 crops.
  • 2+0 container seedlings. The moderate climate, consistent snow cover and our ability to generate artificial snow create a perfect environment for 2+0 seedlings. These well-conditioned, robust seedlings are economical and provide excellent value, especially for sites subject to vegetative competition and/or snow press. They are typically used on productive sites as a replacement for bareroot seedlings. We also offer 2+0 seedlings grown at other PRT nurseries that have favorable climates for overwintering.


Dryden, Ontario


Plant hardiness zone 2b


60 ha (135 acres)

Annual capacity

8 million open-compound grown seedlings

Directions and Maps

PRT Dryden is located 0.5 km north of Dryden, ON. Dryden is easily accessible by air with regular commercial flights, or via the Trans Canada Highway 17. Our Minnesota and Wisconsin customers can drive via Highway 502 north through International Falls.Dryden