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PRT Hybrid

PRT Hybrid grows all commercial tree species planted in Canada and the western United States. It offers a full range of standard seedling products and related nursery services, including 1+0 and 2+0 container-grown seedlings.

Specialty products
PRT Hybrid specializes in the following container-grown seedlings:

  • Large seedlings. These are ideally suited to coastal sites with brush and animal problems and generally produced as 1+0 container seedlings grown in large containers of up to 1,000 ml (61 cu in).
  • Seedlings for summer and fall planting. Well-conditioned seedlings grown in custom programs.
  • 2+0 container-grown seedlings. The nursery’s maritime climate provides an excellent environment for 2+0 container-grown seedlings because of minimal risk of root injury during the winter. These well-conditioned, robust plants provide great value, especially for sites subject to vegetative competition and/or snow press. They are typically used for summer and fall planting on sites where moisture is not limiting, but can also be used for spring planting if grown in large containers.
  • Cranberry starter plants licensed from Rutgers University that grow faster and ripen earlier with better color.


Pitt Meadows, BC


Plant hardiness zone 8a


12.5 ha (32 acres)

Annual capacity

10 million container-grown seedlings and 3 million open-compound crops 

Directions and Maps

PRT Hybrid is located in the Fraser Valley, 45 minutes east of Vancouver in the agricultural community of Pitt Meadows. The nursery is close to major transportation services with easy access to the U.S. border.