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PRT Red Rock

PRT Red Rock grows predominantly interior spruce, lodgepole pine, interior Douglas-fir, aspen, subalpine fir, black spruce and tamarack. The nursery offers a full range of standard seedling products and related nursery services, including:

  • 1+0 container seedlings
  • Nutri-plug® seedlings (contains controlled-release fertilizer)
  • Brush Buster® seedlings

Specialty products

This nursery specializes in the following products:

Seedlings for summer planting. We offer custom-growing programs that provide reliable, well-conditioned seedlings for summer planting.

  • 2+0 stock types. We grow these seedlings at our southern BC nurseries, Harrop and Campbell River on Vancouver Island, where favorable climatic conditions and consistent snow cover (Harrop) minimize overwintering risks and provide ideal growing environments. These robust, well-balanced seedlings are economical and ideally suited to sites subject to vegetative competition and/or snow press. They are typically used for summer and fall planting on productive sites where moisture is not limiting, but can also be used for spring planting if grown in large containers.
  • Difficult-to-grow species. We have developed expertise in growing quality crops of difficult-to-grow species such as subalpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa).
  • Energy crops. We grow woody biomass crops and, through our subsidiary, Bionera Resources, provide crop cuttings, project management and advisory services for high-performance energy crops.


Prince George, BC


Plant hardiness zone 3


130 ha (327 acres)

Annual capacity

8 million greenhouse-grown 1+0 container seedlings 

Directions and Maps

PRT Red Rock is located 25 km (15 miles) south Prince George, BC, near Highway 97. If flying into Prince George, drive south from the airport on Highway 97 about 8 km (5 miles) to 15 Mile Road. Turn right (west) onto 15 Mile Road, cross the railroad tracks and travel until you intersect Forest Nursery Road. Turn right onto Forest Nursery Road. Enter PRT Red Rock at the second set of gates. From the south, turn left onto 15 Mile Road about 8 km (5 miles) north of the community of Red Rock.