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PRT Vernon

PRT Vernon grows all commercial tree species planted in Canada and the western US. Located in BC’s North Okanagan, the area’s arid climate and 152 frost-free days are ideal for production of open-compound and greenhouse-grown 1+0 crops. The nursery offers a full range of standard seedling products and related nursery services, including:

  • 1+0 and 2+0 open-compound crops
  • Brush Buster® seedlings
  • Nutri-plug® seedlings (contains controlled-release fertilizer)

Specialty products

This nursery specializes in the following products:

  • 1+0 open-compound crops for spring planting. High quality, outdoor grown lodgepole pine, jack pine and black spruce seedlings that are light-adapted and provide excellent value.
  • Seedlings for summer planting. We offer custom-growing programs that provide reliable, well-conditioned 1+0 crops for summer planting.

Vernon, BC


Plant hardiness zone 5


34 ha (84 acres)

Annual capacity

PRT Vernon currently grows more than 25 million outdoor seedlings and 2-3 million greenhouse seedlings per year.

Directions and Maps

PRT Vernon is situated within the city limits of Vernon, overlooking the north end of Okanagan Lake. To arrive by air, the airport at Kelowna, BC is 30 km (18 miles) south of Vernon.