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PRT Atmore

PRT Atmore offers standard containerized pine seedlings for plantations in the Southeast United States, including:

  • Longleaf pine (Native, Piedmont and Improved)
  • 3rd Generation Loblolly pine
  • Improved Slash and Shortleaf pine

Specialty products

The PRT Atmore nursery employs hard plastic growing trays, pivot irrigation with standard Trail construction, standard seedling box packaging and specializes in:

  • Longleaf containerized plug seedlings. PRT Longleaf containerized seedlings are available with both coastal and montane seed progeny.
  • Loblolly containeriezd plug seedlings. PRT Loblolly containerized seedlings are available with 3rd generation seed progeny.
  • Slash and Shortleaf containerized plug seedlings. PRT Slash and Shortleaf seedlings are also available.
  • Location

    Atmore, Alabama


    Plant hardiness zone 9b


    60 acres

    Annual capacity

    20+ million plug seedlings

    Directions and Maps

    PRT Atmore is situated at the former state of Alabama E.A. Hauss nursery site which is 4.5 miles north of the Atmore casino on Highway 21. On the cross roads of the Hauss Nursery and Ross roads. The nursery is located close to Interstate 65.