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PRT Hubbard

PRT Hubbard offers a full range of standard seedling products and related nursery services for all commercial tree species planted in the western United States, including:

  • Nutri-plug® seedlings (contains controlled-release fertilizer)
  • Transplant base stock
  • Christmas tree liners
  • Ornamental conifer liners

Specialty products
This nursery specializes in:

  • Large plug seedlings. Ideal for coastal sites with brush and animal problems, these trees are generally produced as 1+0 container-grown seedlings, including Brush Buster® seedlings grown in large containers up to 61 cu. in. (1,000 ml).
  • Seedlings for summer and fall planting. Custom growing programs provide well-conditioned seedlings for summer and fall planting.
  • Energy crops. We grow woody biomass crops and, through our subsidiary, Bionera Resources, provide crop cuttings, project management and advisory services for high-performance energy crops.


Hubbard, Oregon


Plant hardiness zone 8a


28 acres

Annual capacity

8 million plug seedlings

Directions and Maps

PRT Hubbard is situated at the north end of the Willamette River Basin, 25 miles south east of Portland in the community of Hubbard. The nursery is located close to Interstate 5.