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Canadian customers

Canada’s leading forest seedling grower

Reliable, high-quality seedlings are critical in today’s competitive market place. You also need a partner to help you select and grow seedlings that are best suited to your planting conditions. That’s where we can help.

Diverse nursery network

With Canadian nurseries located from Vancouver Island to Northeastern Ontario, we grow conifer seedlings common to Canada’s major forest districts. Our diverse network of nurseries enables us to deliver reliable, forest seedlings where and when you need them. This gives us the flexibility to grow everything from small, specialized orders to the entire annual seedling stock needs of a major forest products company.

Reduce costs. Improve survival.

Our Customer Support Representatives all have backgrounds in forest nursery management and field forestry. Each representative communicates your seedling needs directly to a PRT nursery grow team. It’s a collaborative approach that helps minimize regeneration costs through timely planting of healthy, properly conditioned seedlings. We also offer a wide range of reforestation and silviculture services.

Successful plantation establishment begins with the selection of speciesThe basic unit of biological classification. ‘Fir’ and ‘pine’ are two examples of species classifications.  and stocktypes that are suited morphologically and physiologically to planting conditions. Contact a Customer Support Representative today to discuss your silviculture needs.