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Cold storage services

We offer cold storage to ensure that our customers receive high quality seedlings on time during planting season.

For spring planting seedlings, we test for cold hardiness in the fall. We harvest and freeze the seedlings when they are dormant, storing them at -2 C (28 F) over the winter.

Why freeze seedlings?

Frozen storage slows the depletion of plant reserves by keeping the seedlings dormant. This ensures your seedlings are in top condition when your sites become available for planting in spring.

We monitor freezer temperatures constantly with a computerized environmental control system. The system uses multiple temperature probes located throughout the freezer. If temperature variations are detected, an alarm immediately notifies on-call employees. We also visually check the seedlings as part of our quality control.

Custom thawing and shipping

We understand how delayed or repeat planting can increase regeneration costs. So we do everything we can to deliver healthy seedlings, when you need them. We can ship frozen stock directly from our facilities or custom-thaw seedlings beforehand.

We use “quick thaw” techniques that maintain favorable temperatures throughout the thawing process. It generally takes seven days to thaw seedlings for transportation to the field. Shipping in climate-controlled reefer vans helps to maintain optimum temperatures.

We have cold storage facilities at all of our nurseries except PRT Vernon. Cold storage for PRT Dryden is located off-site at 33 Colonization Ave, Dryden, ON. We use off-site facilities as needed in Canada and the United States.

To learn more about our cold storage services, please contact a PRT Nursery near you.