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Woody crops

Clean renewable energy. Pure and simple.

In the race to produce cleaner energy from sustainable sources, bioenergyRenewable energy obtained from materials derived from biological sources. PRT’s purpose-grown woody biomass is through the growing and management of willow. is emerging as one of the best options to help meet the clean energy challenge, we supply woody biomass crops through our wholly owned subsidiary, Bionera Resources.

Why woody biomass is the smart choice. 

Bionera provides plant cuttings and project management services for establishing, growing and harvesting woody crops.

These fast-growing, dedicated crops can be readily converted into reliable and economical sources of industrial and community power. An innovative alternative to traditional fossil fuels, large-scale crops are a carbon-neutral source of energy that can:

  • provide a consistent supply of biomass to help manage energy-cost fluctuations
  • offer flexibility for blending with fuels from other feedstocks
  • replace or be co-fired with fossil fuels, such as coal and oil

The energy crop experts

Bionera provides elite varieties of fast-growing willow and poplar hybrids specifically developed for woody crops. These crops flourish in a variety of soil and moisture conditions.

If your company is considering an energy supply from renewable sources, please visit Bionera Resources to learn more.