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Ordering instructions and guidelines

Seedlings for Sale

To order a seedling product from our summary listing, select one or more products then click the blue arrow to see details of seedling availability.  Adding an item to your shopping cart is not a commitment to purchase. When you checkout the items in your shopping cart will be e-mailed as a potential order to our Seedling Sales Coordinator. You will be contacted to confirm the availability and location of stock, pricing and other details.    

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Seedling Sales Coordinator at, or (604) 465-6276 ext 230.

Terms and conditions

Price: Will vary depending on quantity, species and product size. You will be contacted to confirm price.

Minimum order: Standard minimum purchase per "seedlot" is three boxes. Quantities must be in full box multiples. A surcharge will be applied to orders of less than three boxes.

Payment terms: All surplus seedling purchases must be paid in full before we release seedlings for shipping.  Our preferred method of payment is MasterCard or Visa.

Shipping: For orders up to 20 boxes, shipping by Greyhound Courier Express (Bus) is usually the most economical. Costs vary but average $40 per box. (click here for quote) Boxes weigh 35 - 45 lbs (15 - 20 kg).

All nursery stock is shipped at the buyer's risk and expense. The buyer is responsible for all transportation costs. PRT is not responsible for stock once it leaves the nursery, cold storage facility, or other storage location.

Cross-border shipping: For cross-border shipping, a 10 box minimum order (per seedlot) is required and a $200 administration fee will apply.

Compatibility: Compatibility of seedlings to planting site is the responsibility of the customer.