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Seedling Species

We produce most of the commonly grown tree speciesThe basic unit of biological classification. ‘Fir’ and ‘pine’ are two examples of species classifications.  in North America. We custom grow crops to customer specifications to help them bring high-yield forest seedlings to life.

You can choose from various sizes and types of container or plug seedlingsMany foresters and nurseries refer to container-grown seedlings as “plug” seedlings. These seedlings are grown in cells in blocks or trays made from expanded polystyrene or polythene. PRT seedlings are grown in expanded polystyrene (dense white Styrofoam). The growing medium contains a high component of peat moss in most cases. By the time of harvesting, the roots bind the medium into a cohesive “plug” that keeps the shape of the cell.. These will fit almost any reforestation need, and can be grown for spring, summer or fall delivery.