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Technical Information

Our containerized or plug seedlingsMany foresters and nurseries refer to container-grown seedlings as “plug” seedlings. These seedlings are grown in cells in blocks or trays made from expanded polystyrene or polythene. PRT seedlings are grown in expanded polystyrene (dense white Styrofoam). The growing medium contains a high component of peat moss in most cases. By the time of harvesting, the roots bind the medium into a cohesive “plug” that keeps the shape of the cell. assure you of optimum growth in Canada and the United States.

Nutriplug seedlings
A cost-effective, versatile alternative to other methods of fertilization at time of planting.

Spring delivery seedlings (1+0)
We custom-grow one year old (1+0) containerized or plug seedlings for spring plantingShort form: SP
Spring delivery products are lifted in the late fall, packaged and stored at –2°C/18°F over the winter. This allows for a wide delivery window in the spring, enabling the seedlings to be planted when field conditions are optimal, typically from mid-April to mid-June.
 in almost any speciesThe basic unit of biological classification. ‘Fir’ and ‘pine’ are two examples of species classifications.  or stocktype combination

Summer delivery seedlings (1+0)
Sown early in the year, these seedlings are ready for summer plantingShort form: SU
Summer delivery products are lifted in the summer, packaged and shipped immediately to the customer for out planting. Seedlings are morphologically active and it is recommended they be planted within three days of being delivered from the nursery. Typical summer planting dates are from June 20 to late July.
 as one year old (1+0) containerized or plug seedlings.

Outdoor compound seedlings (2+0)
We culture these two year old (2+0) seedlings over two seasons in containers. These field conditioned, robust and well balanced trees provide excellent value.

Outdoor compound pine seedlings (1+0)
We grow these hardy seedlings under full sunlight in BC’s Okanagan Valley, a region ideally suited to produce reliable, high-quality seedlings.