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PRT: Trusted to bring high-performance crops to life

We grow more containerized conifer seedlings than any other forest nursery company in North America. With a network of nursery sites, we have the capacity to grow a wide variety of conifer crops. Almost all of these crops are grown on a contract basis.

Reliable seedling production 

We do more than grow seedlings. We collaborate with forest companies and private landowners to help them maximize long-term yields. Our network of nurseries employs multiple growing methods in several plant hardiness zones. With this flexibility, we can grow everything from small specialized orders to an entire annual seedling stock order for most commonly harvested species.

Custom grown crops

By providing competitively priced, custom-grown crops that meet each customer’s exact specifications; we’re trusted to grow seedlings by some of the world’s largest forest products companies.

We've diversified in other areas:

  • we grow woody biomass energy crops for the bioenergy sector.
  • we're involved with purpose-grown woody biomass crops for wastewater treatment projects.

Our product line is growing. What isn’t changing is our commitment to providing personalized service and producing high-quality products.