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Seed services

Better seed for better forests

PRT offers a wide range of seed services, including cone collection, seed extraction, seed upgrading and storage, at its Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, nursery.

Cone processing

Our cone facility processes seed for all speciesThe basic unit of biological classification. ‘Fir’ and ‘pine’ are two examples of species classifications.  of conifers and is equipped with wing removal and seed-cleaning equipment. Prior to extraction, cones are stored in a vented storage shed.

We also test seed from across North America and provide electronically monitored freezer storage to protect your valuable seed.

Seed stratification

We offer a seed stratification at PRT Prince Albert and other PRT nurseries as well as a complete seed testing service that includes:

  • assessment of seed weight
  • seedlotNumeric or alphanumeric code applied to a batch of tree seeds, used to identify the source and ownership of the seed. purity
  • seedlot germination capacity for both stratified and unstratified seed

Seed upgrading

Our seed upgrading services remove extraneous materials and non-viable or empty seed, increasing the total germination capacity of the seedlot. Our Campbell River nursery specializes in upgrading difficult, low germination Abies seedlots.

For consultation and support, contact a Customer Support Representative at a PRT nursery near you.