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Cranberry varieties

Higher cash flow from better yields

New faster growing varieties of cranberries from Rutgers ripen earlier and with better color. They also contain higher sugar content than traditional varieties. That means you can accelerate your return on investment with increased cash flow from higher yields and rapid bed establishment.

We can help you propagate the following Rutgers varieties:

Crimson Queen

  • early fruit color development
  • good color, high fruit anthocyanin (red pigment) content
  • large fruit size
  • high vine (stolon) vigor
  • more rapid establishment and vigorous growth
  • potentially higher yields than early maturing variety Ben Lear
  • fifty percent bloom two to three days earlier than Stevens
  • tested as higher yielding than Stevens

Mullica Queen

  • exceptionally high yield potential
  • exhibits a coarser vine, tendency to produce multiple flower buds, higher fruit set
  • slightly higher fruit anthocyanin (red pigment) content
  • faster establishment and vigorous growth
  • earlier flowering variety, three to five days earlier than Stevens
  • unique genetic background, unrelated to the commonly used varieties Stevens and Ben Lear


  • selected for early fruit color development
  • exceptional color, high fruit anthocyanin (red pigment) content
  • large fruit size and high fruit quality
  • faster establishment and vigorous growth
  • tested for consistent high yields

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